Investment in Shan State will follow four paths, as outlined in the MIPP, including responsible and sustainable investments into resource-based industries, domestic market-oriented industries, export market-oriented industries and efficiency-driven, knowledge-based and innovation-led industries. As it develops, Shan State will aim at stepwise technological advancement and higher grade products in each of the industries in order to improve the value-added of the economy of the state.



The four investment paths of Shan State


Investment path 1: Investment in export market- oriented industries Promote export-oriented industries focusing on abundant labor, available natural resources, strategic and unique location of Shan State.
Investment path 2: Investment in domestic market-oriented industries Promote industries that mostly target the Myanmar market (including the Shan State market), focusing on the size of the domestic market and underdeveloped local industries.
Investment path 3: Investment in resource-based industries Promote industries that process natural resources such as agriculture, minerals, forestry, fisheries, hydropower, land, labor, etc.
Investment path 4: Investment in efficiency-driven, knowledge-based and innovation-led Industries Promote service industries that are based on specialized expertise, ICT, high-tech industries, high-tech agriculture, etc.