Shan State Investment Committee


The Shan State Investment Committee is working to improve and facilitate investment in Shan State and to scrutinize and approve investment projects. From shan shtate Investment Committee, 13 Myanmar Citizens Investment ; the total investment amount was Kyats in million (31620.744) and 5 foreign investments; a total of US $ in million 11 has been approved. We have created  job myanmar citizen (994) and foreign citizens (53) opportunities and are continuously scrutinizing investment approvals.

The Shan State Investment monitoring team provide field services to facilitate the process of investment activities in Shan State  according with the rule, law and procedures.

The Shan State Investment Committee is constantly working on regional development and national economic development. In addition, the Shan State Investment Promotion Committee was set up to implement the Shan State Investment Promotion Plan. The Shan State Investment Promotion Committee collects statistics on investments in Shan State with the help of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) . Advantages: Opportunities and challenges are identified, developing plans and strategic plans.

The Shan State Investment Committee has set priorities every year for the development of investment activities in Shan State. In addition, the Shan State Investment Forum was held from 26.12.2019 to 27.12.2019 to inform local and foreign investors. The activities of the Shan State Investment Committee and investment information in Shan State will be made available to local and foreign investors on the Shan State Investment Committee’s website,

List of Endorsement issued by Shan State Investment Committee

Endorsement Number & DateType of business(US$)Amount of investment
(Million Kyats)
Job creation conditionsInvestment Location
1Meung Thauk Co., LtdYaPaNa-001/2018
Mango cultivation and production0.345700.00195Taunggyi District, Southern Shan State, Lawksauk Township, Yandwin Nga Kyaung Village Tract, East of Myay Ni Gone Stadium,No. (202) U Paing No. (6, 7, 8, 9), Total land (40.09) acres
2A-5 Co., LtdYaPaNa-002/2018
Cattle breeding, production and sale-660.00171Northern Shan State, Kyaukme District ,Naungcho Township , Thanbo Village Tract, Loi Leik village ,Land area (90.00) acres
3Myanmar Shwe Ayeyar Co., LtdYaPaNa-003/2018
Corn Drying, Production and sale-943.597973-Northern Shan State, Lashio District, Lashio Township, Naung Pho Village Tract, Lwe Lam Village, Lwe Lam Kwin (Stadium), U Paing No. (67), Total land (5.37) acres
4Loi Maung Co., LtdYaPaNa-004/2018 (19.10.2018)Hotel Services0.2673516.48155 1Southern Shan State, Pinlaung Township, Taunggyi District, Kan Thar Oo Ward, Plot No. (8), U Paing No. (98), Acres of land (1,109)
5.Golden Pipeapple Co., LtdYaPaNa-005/2018
Production and sale of high quality pineapple0.0375603.36456-Northern Shan State, Kyaukme District, Hsipaw Township, Namyan Village Tract, Namyan Village, Hsipaw-Loi Lin-Panketu Union Highway, U Paing No. (41), Land Acre (0.62)
6Agro Global Co.,LtdYaPaNa-006/2019
Bean Grinding0.35-151Southern Shan State, Taunggyi District, Lawksauk Township, Yandwin Nga Kyaung Village Tract, Nyaung Thone Pin Village, Le Htoe Kone Thar, Field No. (61), U Paing No. (666/1640), Land (0.9) acres
7Agro Global Co.,LtdYaPaNa-007/2019
Vegetable drying, production and sales0.15-331Southern Shan State, Taunggyi District,Lawksauk Township, Yandwin Nga Kyaung Village Tract, Nyaung Thone Pin Village, Le Htoe Kone Thar, Kwin No. (61), U Paing No. (666/1640), Land (0.9) acres
8Myanmar Silk Enterprise Co.,LtdYaPaNa-008/2019
Cultivation and Production of Cocoon including Contract Farming System4.98-16030Northern Shan State,Lashio District, Lashio Township, Naungphaw Village Tract, No. (1) U Paing No. (46), Plot No. Kwin Pyin Kwin, 14.88 acres of land, Kyaukme District, Naungcho Township, Thirty Village Tract, (2) U Paing No. (11), Plot No: Field / Downtown 7.23 acres of land and Kyaukme District, Kyaukme Township, Sakhan Thar Village Tract, Nyaung Pin Gone East Field Place (3) U Paing No. (28), Plot No. (49), Acres of land (5.44)
9Aramaw (Nyaung
Shwe) Company
Hotel Services-5122.9980Southern Shan State, Taunggyi District,Total land area (8.52) acres in Nandawan Ward, Myoma Tract, Nyaungshwe Township
10Hi Avocado MTD Company LimitedYaPaNa-0010/2020
Manufacturing and Processing
of avocados and fruits such as avocados, mangoes, etc.
4.13182Southern Shan State, Hsi Hseng Township, 300 acres of land in Palo Pakel Village Tract and Southern Shan State,Taunggyi Township , Kyautalongkyi Township, 103.61 acres of land in Naung Khe Village Tract and Taunggyi Township. Aye Thar Yar Ward, Kwin No. (97), Than Ye Kyo Factory, Aye Thar Yar Industrial Zone, Land area (5 acres)
11Unique Lawksawk Mango Public Company LimitedYaPaNa-0011/2020
Mango refining and packaging55022Southern Shan State, Taunggyi District, Lawksauk Township Township Kya In Village, Magyigone Village Tract, Field No. (53), U Paing No. (48), Plot Name (2000) Land in Naungtakhaw East Field
12Naung Tayar Potato Group Company LimitedYaPaNa-0012/2020
Potato storage service and distribution2.375300.00200Southern Shan State, Pinlaung Township, Naungdaw Township, (3) Ward, House for rent in Minmathi Road, Hlaing Land area at No. (3/132) is 4.545 acres
13Shan Orchard Myanmar LimitedYaPaNa-0013/2020 (31.10.2020)Avocado cultivation and export of avocado oil1.3913Southern Shan State, Kalaw Township Heho City Thikhaung village tract, Total land area in the southern village is (33.48) acres
14Gold Five Elephants Company Limited YaPaNa-0014/2020
Hotel Services2300.0080Eastern Shan State, Tachileik District Tachileik Township Sang Sai (B) Ward, Stadium No.(3) New Township Section (e), On the total land area (0.64 acres) in Myanma Toe Naing Housing
15MAHARSAN 333 Co., Ltd. YaPaNa-0015/2020
Production and distribution of bricks0.9623000.00484Southern Shan State, Taunggyi District Kalaw Township Baw Nin Village Tract, Heho Township. Near Nyaung Kone Village Inn Mee Taung Stadium Stadium No. (3027), Land No. (92), Total land area (17 acres)
16New World Shwe Pyi Tan Company Limited YaPaNa-0016/2020
Production and distribution of bricks1.9794500.00929Southern Shan State, Taunggyi District Nyaungshwe Township, Taung Po Gyi Village Tract ,Stadium No. (16), U Paing No. (90/100) Land (5.76) and U Paing No. (10/99) Land (4.10) on a total of (9.86) acres of land.
17Khan DaNa Company limitedYAPANA-17/2021
Drying,Purifying, Sale and Production667.19(1.87)Acres, Nam Paw Hom Mountain, Lone Khote Group of Village, Hopong Township, Taunggyi District, Southern Shan State

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